Press Release - Retail tech startup migo IQ expands into China

Shenzhen, China — September 10, 2016 - Startup migo IQ’s retail platform has found a ready welcome in the Asian retail market.

CEO Jonathan Kotthoff’s recent visit to Hong Kong, in addition to participating in world-renowned Wearable IoT World’s startup accelerator, also included business expansion into China.

Migo IQ was granted a permit to do business in China, and has negotiated with a Shenzhen-based firm for custom manufacturing of beacons to use in their unique, machine-learning retail platform. In addition, migo IQ initiating the opening of an office in Shenzhen, China.

“It’s our desire to have a strong local presence wherever we do business,” said Jonathan Kotthoff, founder and CEO of migo IQ. “We’ve received such a warm welcome and have already encountered so many opportunities in China. We are very honored to do business here.”

Migo IQ is already in a number of partnership talks with various China-based companies interested in adopting the advanced migo IQ platform in their retail environments.

“The retail market in Asia is ready to move forward with this ground-breaking technology,” said Kotthoff. “We’ve had great support from our friends at Wearable IoT World, and we’re really excited to be working with so many new partners here in the Shenzhen region.”

About migo IQ

The first truly automated, truly intelligent, responsive mobile tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, migo IQ is bringing real-time personalization to the real world. The migo platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers and venues to increase revenue and offer customers the personalized in-store shopping experience they want, with no additional staffing needed.

About Wearable IoT World

Founded in May 2013, Wearable IoT World pioneered the world’s first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, and emerging technologies. Wearable IoT World functioned as an innovation hub that later expanded its services to include customized accelerator and advisory programs that develop startup innovation and culture within a corporate environment. Serving the IoT and wearables community with advisory services, publishing services, and conference organization, our goal is to become the instrumental leader and driving force in IoT innovation for brands, businesses, government and bright minds. Our business model uniquely blends the best of venture acceleration, entrepreneurial mentorship, corporate strategic partnerships, and media into one thriving community.

About migo IQ

Migo IQ brings the first truly intelligent personalization platform to brick-and-mortar retail. Our machine learning software works with in-store hardware so that real-world retailers can provide responsive personalization in their entire store and on unlimited physical inventory. without additional staffing or management needed.

The future of shopping is personal.