Proximity marketing in retail gets a powerful boost with machine learning, early data shows

San Juan, Puerto Rico — July 30, 2016— Migo IQ, along with their early partners, are astonished and proud to see the first proofs of their machine-learning driven platform in bringing personalization to retail.

The migo IQ model sees, on average, a 23% lift in revenue per receipt when a user uses the app powered by the machine learning platform.

The migo IQ platform, which requires no in-store staff management, was installed at multiple locations with multiple partners to bring the efficiencies and technological power of ecommerce to physical stores.

In the 1990s and 2000s, the online world revolutionized shopping for both consumers and business by gathering unprecedented amounts of user data and using it to make every customer a VIP online, without the need for costly staffing. Meanwhile, physical retailers have lacked the depth and potential of this behavior data. Migo IQ is proud to have installed and proven a way to bring physical retail not only in line with the amounts of data and personalization available to ecommerce, but to allow them to surpass their digital competitors in providing a personalized, immersive shopping experience.

Migo IQ founder and CEO Jonathan Kotthoff said, “The lines between online and offline shopping have been blurred. Our platform can bring people together for real connection in physical stores and venues. Most importantly, our platform can do this without any hands-on management needed by retail staff.”

About migo IQ

The first truly automated, truly intelligent, responsive mobile tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, migo IQ is bringing real-time personalization to the real world. The migo platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers and venues to increase revenue and offer customers the personalized in-store shopping experience they want, with no additional staffing needed.

About migo IQ

Migo IQ brings the first truly intelligent personalization platform to brick-and-mortar retail. Our machine learning software works with in-store hardware so that real-world retailers can provide responsive personalization in their entire store and on unlimited physical inventory. without additional staffing or management needed.

The future of shopping is personal.